Sunday, December 14, 2008

Take Your Games to the Afterlife.

The Egyptians believed that some games were played in the afterlife by the pharaohs. They thought in order to have a good afterlife, they had to be very skilled at playing the board games. How about that for pressure?

Some hieroglyphics were found in a tomb that explained why a pharaoh’s tomb was robbed, -because he was poor at playing games.
Some games had a religious meaning. Many games used RA (the sun god). They felt the sun would not rise if the God of Evil (jackal), defeated RA in a game of Mehen. I bet those were some pretty intense games.
The wealthy Egyptians went to great expense making board games to play in their life and in their afterlife. King Tutankhamen (18th Dynasty) was buried with four elaborate Senet board games that resembled pieces of furniture.

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