Sunday, December 14, 2008

King Tut's Favorite Game.

King Tut's favorite game was Senet. Have you ever liked a game so much that you wanted to take it with you when you die? King Tutankhamen did. He was buried with four very elaborate Senet boards. They were made of ivory and ebony. These materials are worth a lot of dough today.

Senet was the game of choice for many of the pharohs and the upper class during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom.

Senet was the Egyptian's version of a Wii. We can spend hours playing the Wii and the Egyptians could spend hours playing Senet.
Games like Senet have been a part of our societies for over four thousand years.

SENET- Senet is actually a race game, like Backgammon or Parcheesi. The rules are not known with certainty but the first one to move their pieces around the 30 spaces in an S shape was the winner. Pharohs played this game and tried to master its strategy. They felt that it would give them great power in the afterlife if they mastered this game.

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