Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Forbidden Game, ssssssssssssSee it here.

Mehen, The Game of the Snake is also know as the Forbidden Game. This game was the only multi-player board game ever found. In Egypt you would think that they would have more multi-playered boardgames for such an advanced society. In Mehen you use throwing sticks to move like in Senet. The object of the game is to get to Ra ( the middle of the playing board) and to be the first player back out. When you are the first player to get all your pieces off the board and get your predator piece " The Destroying Arm of Mehen " and then go back on the playing board and eat the other players. If you have to lose, just don't be the BIGGEST LOSER!!

This game had a religious meaning to it. Egyptians thought that Ra wouldn't rise again if they didn't win the game. Some people think that this game was forbidden in the Middle Kingdom. They felt that Ra (God of the Sun) and Mehen (God of the Serpents) were like fire and water, they didn't go together. They thought that playing the game angered Ra. So at the start of the Middle Kingdom there were no more Mehen boards found. I think the people who banned this game were a little bit how do you put it, wacko.

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